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We have been in the henna (Mehndi) industry for more than 3 decades now and we objectively strive towards creating a holistic ecosystem which produces the best quality and purity in its products. From sources and raw materials to our production everything is based out in Sojat, the mehndi capital of India. Our raw materials are acquired from our ancestral farms and employ local farmers, who have been working with us for generations. 50% of the workers employed in our production unit are women from Sojat, setting new standards for operations in the industry.

We just don't grow and process top quality henna, rather its an attempt to preserve the traditional nuances of the age-old craft with the accuracy, purity and safety of the modern technologies and our horizons are not limited to this one magical herb, our focus is on exploring herbs and natural products which can replace all the harms of modern cosmetic and herbal consumption. Hennaveda Organic Indigo Powder is also produced with utmost care, manufacturing incomparable quality in prices that are targeted for the average Indian consumer. Our mission is to create a lifestyle that is holistic, organic, sustainable and healthy for you.



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Our Mission

The idea behind the inception of Hennaveda was a problem with the quality of henna sold domestically. Everyone has memories related to the application of the magical herb, be it weddings, festivals, or our parents' monthly or bi-monthly ritual of using hair henna. But, what all those memories lacked was the quality at its fair price. Our mission with the brand is to provide the desired, completely organic, and natural quality at a price that is fair to the Indian consumer through holistic practices which also preserve the traditional integrity of the age-old art form which is the production of henna.

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Our Testimonials

I used herbal henna powder of S.M.Henna Industry on the auspicious occasion of marriage of my sister its amazing result it’s color was paint shortly without any side. I recommend to all for this herbal ,natural,chemical free product.

Ava Mathew - Sojat

I am a regular buyer of sojat henna from sm heena industries. i buy from amazon and i can say from my experience it is best organic henna in india.

Sandy Paul - Rajasthan

Proper packaging and smooth filtered henna for use. I buy 1000 KG Henna from SM Henna, Definitely one and only reputed henna supplier and manufacturers in sojat who can give fulfill your demand.

Vivek Kumar - Jaipur

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Some of the silent features of the firm:

- Alibaba Gold Supplier Membership for 10 years
- ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Implemented
- GMP Certified & Implemented
- FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) License
- Cosmetic License issued by Government of India for 12 years
- Organic Scope Certificate for “Production” issued by Onecert
- Factory License issue by Government of Rajasthan, India.

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