Organic Indigo Powder

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Hennaveda Organic Indigo Powder

Organic Indigo Powder

With its history dating back to 5000 years in all the major civilizations, Indigo is one of the few available natural dyes in the modern world.

It is a widely used ayurvedic natural hair color derived from the leaf of an organically grown indigo plant and is the safest dye to apply to your hair.

For best results, we recommend applying the indigo powder a day after applying Hennaveda Organic Hair Henna. But if time restricts you, you can apply it with the Henna as well with no side effects.

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I used herbal henna powder of S.M.Henna Industry on the auspicious occasion of marriage of my sister its amazing result it’s color was paint shortly without any side. I recommend to all for this herbal ,natural,chemical free product.

Ava Mathew - Sojat

I am a regular buyer of sojat henna from sm heena industries. i buy from amazon and i can say from my experience it is best organic henna in india.

Sandy Paul - Rajasthan

Proper packaging and smooth filtered henna for use. I buy 1000 KG Henna from SM Henna, Definitely one and only reputed henna supplier and manufacturers in sojat who can give fulfill your demand.

Vivek Kumar - Jaipur

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- Factory License issue by Government of Rajasthan, India.

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